Going to Sydney? Why not get a massage?

Remedial massage sydney

On a recent visit to Sydney, Australia I was struck with an incredible bout of stress. I was there for a big business meeting with an important client to my firm. I was convinced after meeting with her that I’d botched the whole thing and that I’d soon be fired from my job. Luckily, I received a call later that day from my boss informing me that everything had gone well and our client was very happy. That did nothing to abate how tense I felt. I found that I needed something to reduce my stress. After looking for a hot stone massage Sydney didn’t disappoint.

I’d heard a lot about the power of massage from my mom. A personal masseuse for nearly twenty five years, she’d seen it all. Pregnant women looking to reduce anxiety, depressed men looking to feel just a little better, and the more run of the mil Continue reading Going to Sydney? Why not get a massage?