Going to Sydney? Why not get a massage?

Remedial massage sydney

On a recent visit to Sydney, Australia I was struck with an incredible bout of stress. I was there for a big business meeting with an important client to my firm. I was convinced after meeting with her that I’d botched the whole thing and that I’d soon be fired from my job. Luckily, I received a call later that day from my boss informing me that everything had gone well and our client was very happy. That did nothing to abate how tense I felt. I found that I needed something to reduce my stress. After looking for a hot stone massage Sydney didn’t disappoint.

I’d heard a lot about the power of massage from my mom. A personal masseuse for nearly twenty five years, she’d seen it all. Pregnant women looking to reduce anxiety, depressed men looking to feel just a little better, and the more run of the mill folk who were dealing with aches and pains all came to her for help. She said just ten minutes with her clients was enough to reduce their inflammation. She even helped to make labor easier and newborns healthier. I didn’t believe it at first but it’s all backed up by scientific studies!

I remember hearing my mom talk about hot stone treatment, shiatsu, trigger point, and many other types of massages before. She even took me to a hot stone spa once for a mother daughter get away. I remember loving it. I thought I’d give it another go.

When looking for a hot stone massage sydney offers some of the best. I found a well rated one after a quick web search and made my way down there. It’s amazing how thirty minutes with that extremely skilled masseur relieved my tension headache, and much of the frustration I was feeling as a result. I’m told that if I were to do this twice a week for five weeks my stress hormones like cortisol would plummet and those related to my relaxation like dopamine and seratonine would increase. I’m not a scientist but my experience proof enough for me! If I’m ever back in Sydney I’m going back to that amazing masseur as soon as I land, business or no.

I’m told that the the city offers more than great stone massages. For the expecting looking for a pregnancy massage Sydney offers many great options. Further for those in need of a lymphatic drainage massage sydney has masseuses with the special skills that make them second to none. If you’re looking for something a bit different like a hot stone massage Sydney is the right place for you. If you find yourself in this beloved city in Australia, don’t be shy about getting a rub down to release all your tensions.

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