Hydraulic Flange Spreader

Hydraulic splitter

Traditional flange wedges, and other wedges like banana wedges, are considered not as safe as hydraulic flange spreaders. Unsafe conditions can be experienced with traditional flange spreaders because they are known to suddenly dislodge from a flange. A hydraulic flange spreader is the preferred tool by many different industries, and these tools require an electric hydraulic pump or a pneumatic hydraulic pump. Hydraulic torque wrenches are often used for removing stubborn bolts and nuts that are located in tight and hard to reach places. Furthermore, bolts and nuts can experience rust and other elements that make them extremely difficult to remove if the proper tool isn’t being used.

It’s important to get familiar with how powered tools operate in order to determine what type of tool is best for your particular job application. Torque wrenches that operate on electric power use a certain frequency that is controlled with a synchronized motor. Synchronized electric motors have variable speeds, and many of them are used with hydraulic pumps to operate tools, such as a hydraulic flange spreader. There are times where these tools require maintenance and repairs, which is performed by trained technicians and experienced mechanics. Hydraulic equipment and tools can experience bleeding, which is undesirable under certain circumstances.

For instance, torque bleeding involves the drainage of fluid used to keep bolts and nuts connected to a certain application. This is highly undesirable in industries such as the railroad industry. Bolt tensioners are often used in the same industries that a hydraulic flange spreader is used. There are many different types of tensioners on the market, such as the variable, fixed and tensioners used for wind turbines. If you’re looking for a hydraulic flange spreader online, it’s encouraged to know exactly what type of flange spreader you need because there are plenty of options to choose from.
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