An Enterprise Firewall Keeps Businesses Safe From Attacks

Ips detection

In 2011 over 42,000 incidents of data loss, computer intrusion, and privacy breaches occurred in the United States. If your organization is trying to prevent these issues from causing serious problems to the company, it is vital that you look for a sufficient intrusion detection system. With a reliable network security platform, you will have the next gen network security required to stop hackers from stealing sensitive information.

Some type of enterprise firewall is necessary for all businesses connected to the web so that they can protect their IT systems from attacks. A business that is not equipped with the right next generation network can fall victim to serious attacks that can wreak havoc on their system. For example, in San Francisco, a disgruntled technological administrator changed the passwords to a critical network in July of 2008 and refused to divulge the new information to city officials, causing major problems for residents of the area. An intrusion prevention system will give you a back up plan in case something goes wrong with your network security.

More businesses are doing things like implementing an enterprise firewall to help them with their problems, but more than half of companies still do not fully grasp the repercussions of a security breach. Next generation firewalls are getting more sophisticated as the threats to business networks continue to advance. Get your enterprise firewall from a dependable source so that you will not have to stress about the safety of your network when using it for business.
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