Can Food Safety Really Be Learned In Five Seconds?

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Why in the world would anyone even consider studying food safety and sanitation? We’re bombarded with kitchen hygiene and food safety tips, but to what end? It’s almost like someone out there is making a kitchen sanitation checklist for the rest of us, and they’ve included all the food safety guidelines under the sun, except the only on that matters: the five second rule.

You’re familiar with the five second rule, I’m sure. It’s the basically infallible rule that any food that’s been on the floor or another soiled surface for less than five seconds is pretty much good to go straight into your mouth. When refrigerating meat, for instance, low placement is recommended so that fluids don’t leak down onto other stuff in the fridge. The only problem with this leakage is that the fluids will surely be sitting there in violation of the five second rule!

Every year viral illnesses like Salmonella, E. Coli and so on sicken many Americans. Is it possible they left their food on the ground for too long, or is it actually possible that there’s some issue here that goes beyond the five second rule? I shudder to think that this may be true… Links like this.

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