3 Facts about urgent care centers that patients should know

Fremont ca urgent care

In the United States, urgent care center has annual revenue of $14 billion. And yet according to the study conducted by Rand Corporation, one in five emergency room visits can be treated at urgent care centers. This translates to a healthcare cost savings of $4.4 billion annually. The problem is that many people are not aware of what urgent care centers are for and their benefits to the patients. So, if you are not familiar with what your urgent care Fremont, urgent care milpitas and Newark urgent care can do for you, here are some facts that you should know.

First, urgent care centers, such as your local urgent care Fremont center, treats non life threatening conditions and injuries whereby the patients are eventually asked to follow up with their physicians. Urgent care centers are therefore established to ease the burden on emergency rooms. You can therefore go to your urgent care Fremont center if you suffer from accidents and falls, sprains and broken bones and other injuries and conditions. Second, the total number of emergency room visit in the US is estimated to be around 110 million annually. Despite this number for the patient, going to your Fremont urgent care would be less costly. On the average the cost of emergency department visit is $1,500 while the average cost of urgent care visit is only around $150. Third, going to your urgent care fremont ca center is also more convenient. The waiting time is less and treatment is faster compared with the emergency department. You will therefore save money and time when you go to an urgent care center than to an emergency room.

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