Make Your Next Project Easier with Toolholders and Presetters

Tool setter

A CNC machine is machine tool that uses programs to automatically execute a series of machining operations, such as boring tools, tool presetters, tool holders, and tap adapters.

CNC machines use tool holders and presetters that have been precisely ground with a “male” taper that mates with the machine’s specific “female” taper. There is also a way to secure the tool holder in place with a pull stud or a draw bar thread. With CNC machines, the pull stud is more popular because it allows for easier automatic tool changing.

The tool holder is the essential connection between the machining center and the cutting tool, and offers several advantages to the projects and operators who choose to utilize it. The toolholder fits into and is secured by the machining center’s spindle, and then secures the cutting tool such as a drill or end mill by clamping onto its shank. The taper of the toolholder matches the toolholder interface of the particular spindle.

With the massive expansion of today’s production capabilities, the need for precision balancing has become an integral element to the success of tool related projects, and to the over all satisfaction of the customer.

Increased demands on the performance of machine tools, including greater speed, higher accuracy, and of course, better quality, have led to major advancements in machining technology because of tool holders and presetters. Other benefits of tool holders and presetters include improvement of machined surface, quality and dimensional accuracy of the project at hand, less vibration and noise, preventative action against expensive potential damage, and an increase in the longevity of the tool and spindle operating life.

There are several benefits to working with a tool holder should you decide to utilize one for your next project. With so many advances in the field, tool holders have since been able to offer benefits in everything from longer tool life to less noise produced, and have a generally better rating with customers than project that have not used precision balancing. There are both new and used tool holder options available, for virtually any project.

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