Improving Your Company’s Android Security Model With Ease

Android in the enterprise

MDM, or mobile device management, is crucial to make sure that corporate information is secure when businesses have a BYOD, or bring your own device, policy. About 47 percent of companies that have a BYOD policy have had security breaches because of it. With proper Android device management, handling Android in the enterprise will be easier for all types of businesses. Make sure that you have the Android management tools necessary to improve your Android security model so that your BYOD policy does not cause problems.

BYOD policies can increase the frequency of real time updating, boost productivity, and eliminate unnecessary paperwork. Having the right kind of Android security model is important for businesses that want to use their devices effectively without having to worry that they might compromise a sensitive piece of information if an employee device is lost or stolen. The best Android security model is one that can be implemented at your workplace by your IT department very easily.

In the third quarter of 2012, there were 136 million Android phones shipped, a 75 percent share of the market. Mobile traffic on today’s web accounts for 10 percent of all Internet traffic. If you are trying to find tools that you can install on your Android so that you will be able to keep your devices secure, look carefully to find the right security programs. These software tools will help your staff members do their job effectively so that your company can do more with its technological resources.

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