NYC Dental Implants and NYC Dreams

Best dentist nyc

I need Nyc dental implants. I want the smile of a superstar. Only the best dentist NYC will be good enough for me.
My name is Dakotah, and I moved to the city last month to pursue my lifelong dream of being a supermodel. I am virtually flawless in every way except for the canine tooth in the upper right section of my mouth. It sticks out like a fang. Usually, I can stifle my smile enough to not expose it, but if I am going to be the next hot supermodel to blaze the runway and the minds of teenage boys across America, I HAVE to get this canine fixed.
I need NYC dental implants, preferably NYC invisalign, maybe NYC veneers. But the lord knows I am NOT being caught dead in public with a mouth full of metal. They are painful and gross to look at. If anybody can help me find a NYC dentist…a NYC cosmetic dentist, that would be super. Money is of no matter. I come from wealth and, therefore, can afford the best NYC dental implants money can buy. In fact, I prefer to pay a little more just to be insured that the service is top notch; excellent. The best: that is the only way for me.
Since I’ve been in NYC dental implants have become necessary. I’ve seen all of the gorgeous, skinny women with smiles as straight as arrows. I can see how NYC dental implants have helped them. I hope they can help me too. Also, be sure to keep your eye out for me on the cover of high fashion magazines and anywhere else you look. Once I get this smile fixed, you will see it everywhere…and that is a promise. Find more.

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