Skiers and nature lovers abound in Jackson Hole

Teton village real estate

Bill Briggs became the first to ski down the 13,772 foot mountain of Grand Teton in Wyoming during the 1970s. This act, which got him into the National Ski Hall of fame in 2009, put Jackson Hole on the map for the global elite and those who love living, skiing and recreating in big sky country. Now, with two resident billionaires and several part time entrepreneurs and executives, Moose Wyoming real estate is some of the most desirable in the country. If you look at the surrounding nature and business advantages, it is easy to see why Jackson WY real estate is so desirable. Jackson WY real estate, like all Jackson hole real estate, is in the most business friendly state of the union, Wyoming. As tourism and mineral extraction provide most of the revenue here, Wyoming has very low taxes, and one of the lowest overall tax burden in the country. Jackson WY real estate is so appealing is because of its quality of life. The town of Jackson itself, where most Jackson hole homes for sale are, had a 2011 population of 9,710 people, and a mean commute time of 11 minutes. Moose Wyoming real estate is also in a very biodiverse region. There are 60 mammal species that call the valley home, as well as 100 bird species and six fish. The state of Wyoming also has seven national parks and Jackson WY real estate is a great value for any high net worth individual looking for quality of life. How can one buy Jackson Hole WY real estate? Contact Jackson hole realtors to learn more about Moose Wyoming real estate.

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