Thinking of Having LASIK Eye Surgery Done?

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Various eye surgery procedures available today help to improve eyesight for countless numbers of people. One of the best options today is LASIK eye surgery Columbia SC. LASIK eye surgery Greenville SC and LASIK Charleston SC are also available. Going in for eye Lasik surgery is not something that you want to take lightly. There are certain risks associated with this type of eye surgery that one should be aware of. A thorough amount of research should help put your mind at ease about it though, as 90 percent of the people who go to a Lasik eye center are happy with the results.

Before undergoing laser eye surgery the patient should discuss their options with their surgeon. There are a few facts the patient should know before having LASIK done too. For instance, you should know what your eye correction prescription is.. Your eye surgeon will want to know this information also. Some surgery options work better for nearsightedness and astigmatism and some options are better for patients who have really high eye correction prescriptions.

After the LASIK procedure, the patient has no need for stitches or bandages. There are a few minor side effects that some patients experience, such as seeing halos, having dry eyes, problems with glare and vision that fluctuates. Some patients have less ability to drive at night too. These are all possible side effects the surgeon should inform you of before having laser eye surgery done.

The actual procedure itself involves reshaping the cornea so it can once again focus light to the retina. The surgery is complete when the surgeon puts the cornea flap back in place. After the surgery, the patient is told to keep their eyes closed as much as possible for the first one to two days. The patient must return to the office for an evaluation after 24 to 48 hours. The time it takes for patients to heal can vary. Patients should keep their reevaluation appointments. Moisture drops are given to the patient to prevent the eye from drying out. When going outside after LASIK eye surgery Columbia SC, be sure to wear protective eye covering. Some surgeons that do Lasik eye surgery columbia sc advise patients to wear eye shields when sleeping for up to a week. Find out more about LASIK eye surgery Columbia SC by scheduling a consultation appointment with your eye surgeon.

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