Patch Management Systems Will Make Your Network Safe

Mobility as a service

If you are trying to improve your network by adopting a plan for patch management to allow for Byod you should take a look at what schools are doing because their BYOD model is not just beneficial to the students, but to the district as well. Of course, BYOD presents a huge challenge in terms of security and you need to be ready to meet that challenge with a powerful patch management program. Using iPhone management systems will help with both iphone security as well as other ideas such as being able to perform global system updates from one remote location instead of doing so on every device one at a time.

About 65 million people in America are smartphone owners and without patch management, those who use their phones while at the job could ruin their productivity and your network. In fact, Forbes has found that by the year 2015, mobile projects are likely to outnumber PC projects at a four to one ration and your business needs to be ready for that change through its patch management software. Because of patch management, you will find that you can encourage mobile projects instead of putting a lid on them as well as your company’s productivity overall.

Enterasys conducted a survey in the first quarter of 2012 where they learned that 74 percent of companies allow BYOD at least to some degree, but you are only hurting yourself if you do not compliment this idea with a patch management program. Fortunately, mobile device management software can make the decision easy for you. This is because the right patch management software systems do a fantastic job of protecting your company’s interests while giving your employees the freedom that they need to help your company succeed.

To learn more about MDM software and how it can help your company, all you have to do is get online and start your research. It is likely that before long, you will find a solution that you can purchase. Then, you will be able to ultimately put your practices to good use and open your doors wide for BYOD.

Once your employees grasp the freedom you have given them, they will take advantage of it to be more productive within your company. You can also expect them to be happier since you will be trusting them to use their own devices. Overall, this will help to make your business a lot more productive.

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