Find Out About Hummus Calories

Hummus spread

Many people love recipes with hummus but are not sure about the hummus calories. Some questions that some people might ask themselves include the following: Are there too many calories in hummus for me to enjoy it as often as I want? Is there such a thing as reduced calorie hummus and how would that taste?

Other people might not even be very concerned about hummus calories because they might be wondering about the answer to the question of what is hummus. At the basic level, hummus spread begins with chickpeas which are also known as garbanzo beans. Once the beans are mashed, you can then make an easy hummus recipe to use with toast points, pita bread rounds or cracks, for a light lunch or a filling snack.

In most cases, garbanzo beans, tend to be pretty high in their levels of protein and pretty low when it comes to hummus calories. Another reason why the calories in hummus are typically pretty minimal is due to the fact that most recipes made with hummus, such as roasted garlic hummus dip and spicy hummus dip, have ingredients, such as lemon juice, garlic and roasted red peppers, that are not weighty when it comes to the amount of calories that are found in them.

Because spices, fruit juices and vegetables are often used to add to the flavor of hummus, the caloric count tends to be rather low. This fact, however, does not mean that hummus nutrition is lacking. Indeed, hummus is considered by many nutritionists to be a well rounded food given its high nutrition value and low calories.
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