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There used to be a rumor going around that George Washington wore dentures made out of wood. The truth is that he wore dentures made from human and animal teeth, gold, ivory, and lead. They used all kinds of things for dental hygiene in the past too. For instance, did you know that the Egyptians made tooth powder out of powdered ash from oxen hooves? They mixed in some eggshells, pumice and myrrh. But that was back in about 3,000 to 5,000 BC. The ancients from Greek and Rome used crushed oyster shells and crushed bones to clean their teeth. Man has always invented some way to clean their teeth. Women have also been involved in dentistry from way back. The first woman to graduate from dental school was Lucy Hobbs Taylor. She was an American woman and she graduated from the Ohio College of Dental Surgery in 1886.

They have discovered that the bacteria that causes dental decay along time ago. The official name for cavities is the word caries. You may hear your Fredericksburg va dentist refer to cavities that way. A good family dentist can take care most dental needs your family has. You can also find a cosmetic dentist in Fredericksburg VA that will care for your cosmetic dental needs. A general Fredericksburg VA dentist can do tooth whitening procedures too.

These days the technology and techniques used in dentistry have come a long way. A cosmetic dentist fredericksburg va can now do dental implants for people who need a missing tooth replaced. Seniors who need dentures may also opt in for dental implants rather than dentures. There are advantages and disadvantages to booth that your Fredericksburg va dentist will be happy to discuss with you. Veneers are also an option for people who have misshapen or missing teeth or who have gaps in their teeth. Get the best smile you possibly can by going to your Fredericksburg VA dentist. Look for a dentist VA in your city for all of your dental needs today.

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