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Businesses today, particularly small to medium size enterprises that are trying to attract the market understand the importance of search engine optimization. This is they know that in order to accomplish this, they need the searches from their market. At present, there are about 4.9 billion internet searches done every month. That is equivalent to 1,890 searches every second. This is according to the study conducted by comScore qSeach. SMEs also know that they lack the capabilities, or even the basic understanding on how to optimize websites. They do not know that it is necessary for the name of your website to be on the top most used anchor texts. And when it comes to content sharing messages that are industry specific, 60 percent of it mention the name of the product or the brand name. As such, more and more companies, particularly SMES, are starting to outsource SEO services. What many of them would like to know however is how to outsource SEO and how to choose the best SEO reseller packages. So, if you are among the businesses that require assistance in this aspect of hiring SEO, here are facts at you should know about SEO outsourcing.

First, when it comes to outsourcing SEO, you will get the service from SEO resellers. SEO resellers are like sales agents that offer the services to the website owners. SEO resellers are not the one that do the work. It is done by search engine optimization services companies. The SEO resellers simply get the services and offer them in packages or programs. As such, you will need to find SEO resellers and not SEO service providers. Usually, SEO resellers are those that already have existing web related business, such as website development, but you can also see SEO resellers that offer nothing else but the services. They are both basically the same.

Second, when you look for SEO resellers, you can differentiate the ones that offer effective services from the ones that do not. You have to understand that when it comes to getting to the number 1 position in Google, 18 percent of organic search go to that top position. And that 50 percent of marketers indicated that cite content is very effective for optimization. As such, you need to find SEO resellers that offer private label seo or white label SEO. White label or private label optimizes websites through right content, functionality of the website, the interface of the website, the use or online marketing and other effective techniques that are approved and recommended by search engines, such as Google.

Third, ask the reseller if the SEO is an Seo usa company. This is necessary because when it comes to content, they produce the right content. Local SEO also has the expertise when it comes to internet or online marketing. Both of these cannot be provided by SEO from other companies.

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