The History of the American Automobile

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Contrary to popular belief (and long before the days of Honda, Ford, Toyota, Chevy, used cars pikeville ky, and Honda dealer pikeville) the automobile was not invented in America. In actuality, it was being perfected in 19th Century Germany and France. The invention of the Model T in 1908 Detroit, however, gave birth to a new social and economic strata.

Not only was the Model T the first mass produced car with a removable cylinder head, but its creation marked the beginning of an industry that would define a nation and its residing culture. In fact, many generations later, the automobile is still revolutionizing American culture.

One of the most interesting facts about the history of the American car is how it began. The Ford Motor Company, for example, was incorporated in 1903 with a mere $28,000 in cash. (Fun fact: two of the original twelve investors would later start their own car company. I will give you one hint; their names were John and Horace Dodge.) At the time, the Model T was marketed as an affordable car for the working and middle class. (Its sticker price, $850 in 1909, is a testament to that claim.)

As Ford dealer and the rest of the automobile industry quickly grew and traveled east and west, cities jumped to adapt to this new way of life. (Fun fact number two: in 1914, Cleveland got its first traffic light. It was the first traffic light in the entire nation, too!) Used cars and used vehicles dealers (including Honda) became another burgeoning industry as each generation chose a new make or model that would demarcate them from the generation prior.

The 1950s saw the Chevy; the 60s loved the Mustang; the oil crisis of the 70s prompted the introduction of the peppy and efficient Japanese automobile, most notably, the Honda Civic. (In fact, the Honda Civic is still regarded today as one of the most reliable and economical cars in its class.) (Fun fact number three: my 2004 Honda Civic has 250,000 miles!)

Fast forward to the 80s, and the integration of technology began to transform the automobile. Electronic fuel injection, computer operated engines, and full time all wheel drive are just a few of the new features to complement the latest era of cars. The 80s also gave us one more vehicle that would forever grace the homes of American families: the minivan. (First it was the Dodge Caravan, but today, minivans are manufactured by everyone from Honda to Kia.)

The 90s introduced the SUV, which Americans took an immediate liking to. In an attempt to cater to upper class sensibilities, Honda also created the Acura brand and Toyota created Lexus.

Today, the newest generation of vehicles would be, of course, mind blowing to Henry Ford. Ingenuity has created cars that parallel park themselves, offer hands free technology, rear gates that close on their own; the list of the modern marvels of cars goes on and on.

In addition, modern cars are more environmentally friendly. Improved miles per gallon, reduced emissions, and hybrid and alternative fuel options are all features of many 21st Century vehicles, such as the Honda Insight. More info like this:

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